Test rope of cableway

The analysis of the carrying cables on rope ways requires “open” instruments that allow the safe passage of the detector above the support structure of the plant.
AMC has developed a range of devices called OPEN60 and OPEN80, in function of the maximum diameter that the devices is able to analyze.
The OPEN system helps the people involved in maintenance or test of ropes, to highlight internal and external broken wires or cross section reduction (e.g. corrosion or abrasion) in a simple, quick and efficient way in accordance with UNI ISO 4309.

The OPEN range is also certified according to European standard EN 12927-8
The instruments, which perform a magneto-inductive test, is wire connected to an acquisition unit (IASH) that displays real-time signalsand store the data in order to create the test report.
The ten year design experience of AMC allowed the development of optimized system that maximize the testing performances even with a significant magnetic gap between the instrument and the rope, ensuring maximum security.

Designed for controlling ropes of cableways

Controlled diameters up to 82 mm
Acquisition system: IASH

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