Manual Cleaner

Cleaning wire ropes (VMRCS)

The solution for cleaning wire ropes

Build-up of contamination cause accelerated wear on ropes and sheaves, whilst also acting as an abrasive on interacting surfaces. Visual inspections are also a critical part of any wire rope maintenance regime. Removal of the old lube and contaminants is important to assist in uncovering any potential issues.
To achieve optimum performance of wire rope assets it is critical that old lubricant & contamination is removed from the outer strands and valleys of the rope, prior to inspections and before re-lubrication is completed. Viper WRL has revolutionized the process of cleaning ropes by combining CAD based design with manufacturing techniques and composite materials to deliver the Viper Manual Rope Cleaner Solution Kit.

The solution to clean contaminated wire ropes for visual inspection

According to the ISO 4309 standard, wire ropes must be inspected visually. This is very difficult if a wire rope is contaminated with old grease and dirt. The Viper Manual Rope Cleaner Solution is the most effective solution for cleaning wire ropes.

  • Manual Cleaner

    Viper Manual Rope Cleaner Solution

    • Effectively removes external contamination on wire ropes so visual inspection of rope can take place
    • Is used in conjunction with our Viper Rope Cleaners (VRC)
    • One-person job – easy to install and use
    • No tools required, very easy and fast to install
    Download specifications (pdf)

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