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Lubrication Equipment is the partner you can rely on for all your required lubrication applications in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Easy maintenance, increasing operating profit

With all the products and services that we offer below, we facilitate the maintenance of your valuable machinery, while the operating profit can still increase.

Wide range of products

We only work with renowned A-brands, such as: Lubrication Engineers Lubricants, Viper Wire Rope Lubricator, Simatec and AMC Instruments.

  • Lubrication Engineers


    High-quality lubricants, fuel additives and cleaning products for maximum cost savings.
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    Wire Rope Lubricator

    Viper WRL for automatic, clean, fast, effective and safe cleaning and lubrication of wire ropes from 6mm - 165mm.
  • Wire Rope Inspection

    AMC is the brand for simple and reliable wire rope inspections with comprehensible reporting.
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    Lubrication Equipment has various lubrication-related accessories to simplify lubrication.

Lubrication Engineers

Lubrication Engineers lubricants are unique in quality, thanks to highly refined base oils and unique patented additives.

The extensive range of Lubrication Engineers contains lubricants, fuel additives and cleaning products, so that the right product can be advised for every application in various industries to save maximum maintenance costs.

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Lubrication Engineers


Viper has the largest range of wire rope lubricators in the world, from 6 mm to 165 mm, to optionally clean the wire ropes at the same time.

Wire ropes are used in various industries and applications. Good maintenance is essential to work safely and to extend the service life, so that they are protected against external (weather) influences and wear.

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simatec is a Swiss family business that is internationally active for automatic single-point lubrication systems, induction heaters and (dis) assembly tools.

Bearings and chains must be lubricated for them to function properly. simalube offers continuous lubrication in the right quantity, so that this can be guaranteed. simatool and simatherm are tools for the (dis) assembly of bearings with precision without damaging them.

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AMC Instruments

AMC has DEVELOPED ad-hoc magnetoinductive tools for ropes adopted in the lifting GOODS, cablewayS (ROPE, ROPEX, OPEN) and people (LIFTLC, BELT).

The equipment ALLOWS the people involved in the maintenance or verification of ropes, to highlight internal and external DEFECT SUCH AS broken wires or cross section reduction (e.g. loss of metallic area, corrosion or abrasion) in a simple, quick and OBJECTIVE way.

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