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Open Gear

Lubricating greases for open gears

Large open gears take a severe beating on a daily basis. Challenging conditions include outdoor environment, extended service operation, dust, silica, water, extreme heat and extreme pressures. Open gear lubricants must be specially formulated to keep equipment operating at maximum efficiency.

Whether you operate a ball mill, rod mill, breaker mill, or kiln, Lubrication Engineers Pyroshield® line of heavy-duty synthetic open gear lubricants can help protect your valuable equipment and keep it running harder and lasting longer. If you are interested in making your large open gears last longer, lowering the amount of lubricant you use, and reducing overall maintenance expenditures, then we have the solutions for you.

  • Lubrication Engineers Lubricants

    LE 5180-5182 Pyroshield

    • Suitable for various applications in the mining and mineral processing industry, open gears and slides, ball mill open gears, kiln open gears, bar screens, dipper sticks, circle rails
    • NLG 2 available (NLGI 0 also available in aerosol)
    • Bentone grease
    • Contains Almasol
    • A heavy-duty synthetic lubricant developed for large unshrouded open gears
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LE 5180-5182 Pyroshield

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