VIPER accessories

Viper accessories

Accessories are required for all Viper models, depending on the construction of the wire rope. The optional accessories consist of Polyurethane Seals, Aluminum Scraper Plates and Viper Rope Cleaners.

The Polyurethane Viper Seals are very durable and massage the grease in the rope

Viper Seals
Viper WRL Seals are made from a specially formulated polyurethane material that provides excellent durability, wear resistance and flexibility. It is this flexibility that allows the seal to provide a more positive interface and hence seal with the rope. Each seal set comes as a pair, Seals, Scrapers and Rope Cleaners should be selected to suit the nominated rope diameter. Viper seals are designed to have some interference with the rope, depending on its size and type, with an interference of up to 3mm allowable for standard 6 & 8 strand ropes. For compact, non-rotating or wireline type ropes which do not have valleys, a maximum interference of 1mm is recommended as these ropes do not allow for the same amount of seal deflection within the collar.

Viper Scraper Plates
Aluminium Scrapers are attached to each end of the Viper collar to assist in pre-cleaning the rope and protect the seals from damage. Scrapers are supplied slightly larger than the actual wire rope size to allow for rope flexing.

Viper Rope Cleaners
Viper Rope Cleaners enable the removal of contamination or built up old lubricant from the wire rope prior to lubrication, improving the effectiveness of the lubrication process via the Viper WRL. For certain types of wire ropes where the standard Viper Rope Cleaner is not suitable, the Viper ‘Smooth Bore’ rope cleaner is available. The Smooth Bore Rope Cleaner would typically be used on those ropes with a large number of outer strands, some non-rotational ropes, ROV cables, etc, where the valleys between the strands are  minimal and do not readily facilitate a standard Viper Rope Cleaner.

Viper Rope Cleaners can be used for all Viper models and depend on the wire rope diameter, number of strands and whether they are left or right hand lay.

Why is the Viper Rope Cleaner needed:

  1. Effectively removes external contamination on wire ropes so visual inspection of rope can take place.
  2. Safer for staff, reduced lubricant usage, less leakage & mess. One person job- easy to install &  use.
  3. Reduced downtime associated with rope lubrication which improves equipment availability.
  4. Less wear on sheaves & winch drums.
  5. Removes contamination in the valleys of the rope.
  6. Improves the effectiveness of lubrication.
  • Viper Rope Cleaners

    • Enable the removal of contamination or built up old lubricant from the wire rope prior to lubrication, improving the effectiveness of the lubrication process via the Viper WRL
    • Suitable for use with all Viper models
    • Standard for 6, 8 and multi-strand wire ropes
    • Custom-made Cleaners available
    Download specifications (pdf)

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