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Additional products

Additional products

In addition to its unique lubricants, Lubrication Engineers also has non-lubricant related products, such as brake cleaner, industrial cleaner, silicone spray and fuel additives.

With high fuel costs and the need to get every last mile of performance from our engines, LE fuel conditioners are a simple solution for improving engine performance and improving fuel consumption. These petrol and diesel fuel treatments have been formulated for use in heavy industrial fleet applications. Whether you operate trucks, buses, agricultural vehicles, construction machinery, marine engines or even mowers and chainsaws, our fuel treatments help you maximize engine performance and save on fuel costs – making you greener.

  • Lubrication Engineers Lubricants

    LE 802 Heavy Duty Solvent Degreaser/Brake Cleaner

    • HDSD is highly effective in removing heavy greases, oil, adhesives, lubricants, tar, waxes, asphalt, resins, and other heavy materials
    Download specifications (pdf)
  • LE-804-Silicone-Spray

    LE 804 H1 Silicone Spray

    • Silicone-based spray for use as a lubricant with incidental food contact
    • May be used on machine parts and equipment in locations in which there is potential exposure of the lubricated part to food
    • For food plant and other industrial use
    Download specifications (pdf)
  • Lubrication Engineers Lubricants

    LE 2110 Greentastic® Industrial Cleaner

    • Greentastic® Industrial Cleaner is a concentrated liquid solution intended for industrial cleaning uses, including oil and grease
    • his environmentally friendly water-based formula contains nine carefully selected and blended active cleaning ingredients - almost twice as many as conventional multipurpose products
    • These powerful ingredients work quickly together to create the different types of cleaning action needed to be effective for a wide variety of industrial applications
    • Greentastic outperforms conventional non-caustic cleaners
    • It is not only phosphate-free, but completely phosphorus-free, making it a better choice for the environment
    Download specifications (pdf)
  • Lubrication Engineers Lubricants

    LE 2300 L-X

    • Powerful reinforcing fuel and oil supplement for all combustion engines
    • It also protects engine parts, physically permeating the metal surfaces and adding a sacrificial layer to protect rings, plugs, pistons, valves, carburetors, and fuel injectors from heat, corrosion and acids
    • Reduces friction and wear as well as fuel consumption
    • It increases power through a more efficient combustion of the fuel, which in turn improves fuel economy
    • Also suitable for use as penetrating oil, gun oil, chain oil, solvent / cleaner, flushing agent
    Download specifications (pdf)
  • Lubrication Engineers Lubricants

    LE 2411-2421

    • Full Torque is a cetane-boosted, detergent-containing formulation that increases power, improves fuel economy, reduces emissions, and provides smoother performance year- round in diesel engines
    • Full Torque’s cetane booster increases a fuel’s cetane number up to three numbers, resulting in faster ignition time, more power, easier starts and less smoke at startup
    • Full Torque has been formulated to work with today’s biofuels, ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuels, and renewable diesel fuels
    • Full Torque W Diesel Fuel Improver (2411) is recommended for use when temperatures are at or below 35°F (1.7°C) Full Torque S Diesel Fuel Improver (2421) delivers year-round performance
    Download specifications (pdf)

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